Renkoski Vegetation Services (RVS) knows that clients are more tuned in to safety than ever before.  Our customers know that competitive bids from safe companies decrease potential liability.  Our employees respect client wishes by making timely notifications and maintaining consistent communication.   

At RVS, safety is a precondition.   We take pride in the triangle of safety, quality and customer service.  Our employees are aware that safety is engineered into the process.  It begins at Orientation, when every employee is trained to be the first and the last line of assurance against injury.  Well trained workers are responsible employees.  RVS introduces the JHA (Job Hazard Analysis), a document that informs workers of known hazards, which simultaneously provides specific instructions to employees in how to mitigate these hazards. 

For less frequented or distant locations, a Site Hazard Analysis (SHA) is performed by Foremen, Supervisors or Team Leaders with responsibility to investigate and identify potential hazards at client locations prior to product applications.  The SHA is designed to help site personnel quickly note potential hazards or conditions that may warrant special training or consideration.  Various methods used to mitigate hazards are critical when operating at client locations.   Similar to the JHA, the SHA offers applicable mitigation techniques, ensuring workers at remote or infrequently attended sites are as informed as possible when it comes to worksite conditions, and are prepared to respond to any challenges encountered.

RVS strives to provide its services efficiently, safely and without damage to client property or natural resources.  Every employee has ‘Stop Work Authority’.  If an imminent hazard or a potentially hazardous situation exists, even the most recently hired laborer with very little experience is encouraged to take a proactive approach, not only watching for all potentially adverse conditions, but with the authority to halt activities to confirm and rectify questionable situations. 

CEO, Cody Renkoski is well aware that a safe company by definition protects its workers, a fact that improves employee morale, simultaneously encouraging associates to ‘buy-in’ to our pro-active safety program.  Employees are coached to work carefully, to stop and think before taking any action, to be on the lookout for, and to consider all potential hazards associated with their various activities.  RVS employees deserve to know they are our most valued asset.  We believe our people should be able to go back home to their families after work every day, safe and healthy, just like they were when they arrived.  

ISNetworld is a clearinghouse for prominent companies' official safety information, providing client access to required information, such as company programs and training records, and official employee injury data found in OSHA Logs and the OSHA 300A Summaries.  RVS is among the 60,000 contractors/suppliers using ISNetworld as part of their health, safety and environmental management process.  ISN has over 470 Hiring Clients that rely on ISN verified contractors and suppliers. As a recognized ISN contractor, RPD is positioned among the elite service providers in the industry.