Right Of Way

About Right Of Way:


Renkoski Vegetation Services offers Right of Way Weed and Vegetation Control services for urban and suburban right of ways, as well as neighborhood pathways, industrial and commercial properties. RVS provides Right of Way Weed and Vegetation Control services to maintain right of ways and keep them free from weeds, plants and trees that might hinder views for drivers, utility inspectors and pedestrians. Right of Way Weed and Vegetation Control promotes safety and increases visibility, while also protecting property values and nearby local vegetation not inclusive of the Right of Way.

RVS utilizes specialized machinery including computer controlled spray trucks to virtually eliminate error, constantly monitor the truck's speed, and adjust spray width and volume to deliver the correct amount of material. Highly trained, skilled applicators, that have all been licensed by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture to carefully apply weed and vegetation control treatments so that noxious weeds, plants and tree species are targeted and eliminated from roadways, bridges, walkways, medians, parking lots, and neighborhood paths. These proactive services help decrease future maintenance costs and also promote the natural beauty of our roadsides.

RVS is proud to contract with three counties in the Nebraska Panhandle. Having built a team of highly skilled, licensed applicators, in combination with state of the art equipment, RVS services over 4250 miles of Right of Way annually.