Industrial Vegetation Management

About Industrial Vegetation Management:‚Äč
‚ÄčIndustrial Vegetation Management (IVM) is a targeted weed control treatment that prevents weed and other plant growth in specific areas, by use of a combination of pre and post emergent herbicides. RVS is able to provide season-long, bare ground weed control with just one application, avoiding the costly cycle of grow-back and re-treats caused by traditional mechanical methods

Some industrial sites, such as pipe yards, oil wells and utility substations, must be in compliance with specific local, state and federal guidelines for safety and regulatory purposes.  Renkoski Vegetation Services offers IVM Services that ensure compliance near such areas as chemical storage and production sites, pipeline regulator and valve sites, utility poles, oilfield pump jacks, fuel tank facilities, industrial storage sites, grain storage facilities and other industrial sites. 

Proactive measures of vegetation management help in meeting regulatory standards and keeping the facilities and employees safe, reduce overall maintenance needs and improve the appearance of the landscape. Not only is unwanted vegetation unattractive, it can also pose serious health, fire and safety hazards.

  From residential customers to major corporations Renkoski Vegetation Services will custom craft an IVM plan to meet your needs.