Renkoski Vegetation Services LLC (RVS) is based in Sidney, Nebraska. We are a full service industrial vegetation management company focused on three pillars of our industry: Spraying, Mowing and Cutting.

RVS Services include: 

  • Industrial Vegetation Management (IVM), 
  • Transmission and Distribution Cutting
  • Industrial Hygiene Cleanup 
  • Real Estate Cleanup
  • Right-of-Way Mowing & Spraying

Since our inception in 2010 we have grown from a small family owned business to a nationwide enterprise. 

RVS services over 800 customers in 28 states and has become a prominent player in the IVM industry. Providing superior service to state, county and township right of way, wind towers, oil fields, pipelines, drainage ditches, railroads, and utilities/elevators.

RVS is committed to three principals; Safety, Communication and Quality.

  • The corner stone of our company is our safety and risk mitigation philosophy. It begins at Orientation, where after pre-employment screening, every applicator is trained to be the first and last line of assurance against risk. Well trained workers are responsible employees. RVS utilizes a JHA (Job Hazard Analysis) program, a system that helps applicators be aware of any known hazards, as well as to anticipate any other potential dangers associated with a specific job site. The JHA also provides specific instructions to employees in how to mitigate these hazards. All applicators are required to wear reflective clothing, chemical resistant boots, gloves and safety glasses, as well as any additional PPE required by the respective customer.
  • RVS utilizes state of the art, could based tracking equipment in our spray trucks. We are able to let our customers see progress in real time. All RVS applicators follow a standard communication protocol with our customers. Typical procedure is 10 day advance notice, followed by 24 hour notice. RVS applicators stay in communication at least daily with progress reports, unforeseen circumstances and estimated completion dates.
  • At RVS, we pride ourselves in being a goal oriented, solutions derived organization. Our office and field staff pride themselves on crafting the ideal integrated pest management program to fit our customer's needs.

 RVS has a full time support staff headquartered in Sidney, Ne to resolve field issues in real-time,
handle our weed free forage certification program, generate schedules and routing of equipment
to minimize revenue loss due to redundancy as well as backtracking.  RVS’s licensed applicators
insure the correct chemicals and amounts are being used in all processes. 

 By having the necessary equipment and logistical supply chain we are able to keep our prices
well within industry standards. By using state of the art equipment we are able to provide
excellent service to our customers, as well as having the smallest environmental footprint possible.


RVS provides ROW and Vegetation Control services to maintain right of ways and keep them

free from weeds, plants and trees that might hinder views for drivers,

utility inspectors and pedestrians. RVS contracts for three counties in the

Nebraska panhandle totaling more than 4,250 miles of ROW spraying annually.

About US

         Owner: Cody Renkoski ~ 308-203-1454

        Address: 301 Illinois Street, Sidney NE, United States