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 Cody Renkoski 308-203-1454

301 Illinois Street, Sidney, NE, United States

Owner: Cody Renkoski ~ 308-203-1454

Address: 301 Illinois Street, Sidney NE, United States


Renkoski Property Development LLC (RPD) was established in 2010 by Cody and Jessica Renkoski as a small family owned Turf Company. We have since expanded our business to fill the local needs for Industrial Vegetation Management (IVM), Noxious Weed Control and Right of way (ROW) weed spraying.  Since its inception RPD has expanded to serve approximately eleven-hundred local and statewide clients to meet the ever expanding local, state and federal noxious weed control regulatory requirements.

 Over the past Five years RPD has become a prominent player state wide in Nebraska in the IVM industry, providing superior service to state, county and township right of way, wind towers, oil fields, pipelines, drainage ditches and utilities/elevators.

 RPD provides ROW and Vegetation Control services to maintain right of ways and keep them

free from weeds, plants and trees that might hinder views for drivers,

utility inspectors and pedestrians. RPD contracts for three counties in the

Nebraska panhandle totaling more than 4,250 miles of ROW spraying annually.

 Staying true to our roots we still service 400 plus residential and commercial Turf customers.

We now offer two distinct Turf Maintenance plans for customers to choose from.

 By having the necessary equipment and logistical supply chain we are able to keep our prices

well within industry standards. By using state of the art equipment we are able to provide

excellent service to our customers, as well as having the smallest environmental footprint possible.

 RPD has a full time support staff headquartered in Sidney, Ne to resolve field issues in real-time,

handle our weed free forage certification program, generate schedules and routing of equipment

to minimize revenue loss due to redundancy as well as backtracking.  RPD’s licensed applicators

insure the correct chemicals and amounts are being used in all processes. 

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